Thursday, 8 December 2011

091231 SNSD - ♥Santa Baby♥

Christmas is coming soon...and i heard this song coincidentally.
And it was quite nice. So introduce this version of the song to u all.
Hope u like it. ^^

Tuesday, 29 November 2011


OH HELL, it has been a week after the start of holidays.
What achievements have I made?
None. Except raising my rank in Tetris Battle to rank 68.
I wanna have a job though. It's just that I'm simply. Lazy.
Maybe I should go ask for a job later?
But dont even know how to open my mouth.
Because the shop didnt put up a vacancy word outside the shop.
And the shop beside it already take it down!
Ha! I have no affinity with jobs then.
Could I be a shao nai nai in the future? :D
IF i become one, then i no need to study anymore.
ALL i do is stay at home, qiao jiao, ask maid do this do that. imagination is strong...

Thursday, 3 November 2011


today i did this:
for ur info, i shaded the love at the angka giliran and PHY at the no. kad pengenalan there.

is there any wrong in that?
that column is no use!
i even wrote my name at the correct place!
he shud be glad i didnt shade a heart shape in the answers.
want potong my marks!
and angeline just because she joined me! 
wao...LCC, u stepped on my tail~~

Saturday, 8 October 2011

Long time

It's a long time since I blogged.
Then why am I here now when I can play game?
Well, becos i'm too eng~ hahaha
Then saw that my blog very very long time didnt update, so come here update lor.
Already a MONTH since i blogged le. haha...

This few days I got back to tetris battle and found out my skill and speed already decreased. A LOT.
My rank dropped from 50(Demi-God) to 40(Legendary GM)

Really poor. Haiz...
Well, never mind that. 

Because i think im much more better in a shooter game known as BlackShot.
You can view my album of it through facebook.

there you go. 
I think that's all for now.
bye byes!

Thursday, 8 September 2011

my birthday!

Hurray! tomorrow is my birthday but already have ppl wish me happy birthday!
but make me hairan de is...
the first person who wish me happy birthday earlier de is li yi heng.
a fren of mine who helped me in games! hahas...
then second person yi qin!
ty yi qin!

Saturday, 13 August 2011

Oh gosh...

This post is all about a teacher and a student of my class.
After this post, I will not be agitated by both the teacher and student again.
Let's call the teacher A and the student B.

Teacher A is very arrogant, irritating and confusing.
A always come in our class and starts her usual talk...
"Everyone stand up. Pick up the pieces of paper under your table."
Sometimes during lessons...
"XX*, everyone present today?"
*-> class monitor..i pity her...
Cant A ask this question during A's lesson? A can ask it because we have the period after that.
She must always choose a period to ask and then interrupt the lesson.
Even if the teacher wasn't interrupted, I was distracted!
I completely forgot what the teacher was saying after A left. For real.
During A's lesson, I can't concentrate.
I was feeling sleepy yet unable to sleep by the voice of A.
A like to do things last minute and always forget to do something.
Example: RRSS Day. A ask us to prepare at the day before RRSS Day.
What the heck was she thinking?
Example 2: Childhood photographs. We gave A our childhood photograph for guessing purpose on RRSS Day. We handed over them since March. RRSS Day was at May. Then, we didn't get to use the photographs on RRSS Day. We thought she will return us on Monday (RRSS Day was a Friday). Guess when she return? JULY.
I don't feel like continuing what else A did anymore.
Let's skip~

B likes to play with funny toys.
His toys annoyed me a lot.
Because B will start to borrow this borrow that...
And then...B will irritate people with some of the "toys" which to B are "inventions"
B have so much time to play with this kind of things.
Why don't B study instead? If I have this much time as B, I would get top 10 without doubt.

Monday, 8 August 2011

A Real Life Joke

妈妈说:“因为鱼有上学,所以才会被称为 a school of fish。
:“  =.= ”

Saturday, 6 August 2011

An Outing

Yesterday, which is Friday, I went to Merdeka Mall.
The time needed to reach there was 2pm so u can imagine how short the time is.
We need to rush like rocket to get there punctually.
My mother came late to fetch me too..Simple reason. Traffic jam...
Zz....I went back home and rush like hell...
Then get into the car and away I go!
To the cinema!
When I arrived, Jun Ni, Eleen and Angeline was already there.
They already bought the tickets and popcorn.

Funny thing was...they were waiting for me at the top of the escalator.
Then, I was going up the escalator.
When I reach the top, I need to walk in front of them to make them notice me!
I was invisible before that, OMG!
Were they blind or was I wearing transparent clothes?
Once they see me, they were shocked because they didnt saw me.
Ok, after that we went into the hall but the movie already started.
Oh well, the starting is always the boring part.
The movie we watched was Mr. Popper's Penguins. 

A humorous movie with cute little penguins!
The penguins was named Captain, Bitey, Stinky, Lovey, Nimrod, and Loudy.
But afterwards they had 3 eggs. 2 hatched but 1 didnt.
Blah blah, lazy tell story. 
Let's skip.

After the movies, the four of us went to ta kiong.
Jun Ni went there to buy some vegetables and Eleen went there to buy some snacks.
Angeline and I went there to talk, lihat-lihat and jalan-jalan.
Jun Ni and Eleen were like mother and daughter.
While Angeline and I were also like mother and daughter.

Before we watched the movies...we didn't ate lunch at all.
It's a weird thing...We were full after coming out from the cinema.
(Thanks to popcorn...)
Around 5 something then we go eat.
We ordered our food at PP.
Eleen and Angeline didn't eat much.
Jun Ni and I ordered main courses. 
I also ordered a drink. Others didnt order drinks. 
I was thinking,"Aren't u guys thirsty at all??"
Anyways, after we eat, we walk walk waiting for time to pass so that our parents can come and fetch us.
Jun Ni and Eleen went back first, leaving Angeline and I nothing to do..
After awhile, my phone rang and then Angeline have to go back too!

Oh gosh, I was alone!
I went outside to wait for my car, hoping that my car will suddenly appear...
But no, it didnt immediately appear in front of me...
I waited for 10mins which seemed like waiting for half an hour.
I wasn't afraid though, because I saw another girl about my age waiting for the car too.
So she wait at a pole, I wait at another pole.
Then finally, my car arrived!
I faster stepped in my car and enjoy the cooling air con.
(I was wearing 3/4 quarters sleeves,so hot..)
[I was cold when we were in merdeka mall]

Then brrooooom!
I'm back at home.


Sunday, 31 July 2011


Today I ate McDonald at Permyjaya. The one next to the Shell station.
After eating, I see some leftover "stuff".
Then, I started mixing...
I mixed tomato sauce,salt,chilli sauce, coca cola, and tea.
When my family and I are going to leave the table, my mum saw some french fries left.
She took one french fries and dip it in my specially mixed mix!
After she eat it, my brother tell her about it and then tell me about it.
My brother and I laughed so hard and we keep asking my mum,
"How does it taste like?"
And my mother replied,
"Just chilli, but no spicy. I only dip some la. Stop asking me!"
Then my brother and I continue laughing until my stomach was so pain.

Saturday, 30 July 2011

No more transformers!

At need wear that "transformers" le...
Already for 2 years and a half...finally taken down...
Good bye transformers...
But wait...
The dentist said still need to wear retenders to keep the teeth from shifting when my bone is growing...
For now, I need to wear for day and night for 6 months.
After that, I wear it at night.
For how long, I don't know..
The dentist didnt say.